Is 9 to early to start teaching code?

So my cousin has 2 kiddos, 9 and 7 I believe. They are always interested in my little robots and I want to show them the ropes. We are all into Legos and I have plenty of Lego motors, technic parts and Arduino sensors. (I actually proto a lot of my projects in Legos as it is).
Step one will be building some kind of car or rover with them. Giving them most of the creative control. I just want 4 motors on it and a platform for sensors and emitters of their choice later.
I know they are both capable of all this so far, but is 9 to early to show coding too? Any good insight or tips before I visit them later this week?
I know I will be able to gauge a bit of this myself when I get into it with them, but I'm just looking for good pointers or help, to be better prepared is all I guess. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask before doing so.

My son started at 5 with the old Lego NXT bricks, drag & drop programming.
Now he's a software engineer.

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I've seen but never used any drag and drop coding setups. Any you would recommend?

The Lego NXT was okay. As an engineer, I just found it awkward.

Ah, I've converted all my motors to jumper cables. Also can't really afford the Lego controller, assuming that is what the NXT is. It's been a while since I've looked at the Lego stuff past being a good way to interface motors and mechanical parts together.
But 5 is so young, 9 might be able to grasp it pretty well. Gives me more hope.

What took so long. My boys started at 6 & 8 and used basic, back then it was not a graphics interface but text on a terminal. Amazing on how fast they learned to read and write since the computer was dumb it only accepted it when it was formatted and spelled correctly.

It is quite early, the kid must be atleast a teenager I guess

I disagree @smithkatherine. Kids can pick up stuff quite early with some support.

I made my first Sputnik at 5 or 6 years of age.

If there is interest, support your 2nd cousins/niblings as much as you can.

Not sure if this thread is still warm, but fwiw:

I think the trick is to start with simple projects the kids can relate to:

  • build a creature out of Lego, give it two LEDs for eyes and make them blink in funny ways; add a proximity sensor so it reacts when someone is near.
  • build a simple light barrier, attach a buzzer and have them „protect“ their room from intruders.

Stuff like that.
Then if you can explain in simple terms what pinMode and digitalWrite is all about, they will pick it up quicker than us oldfolks ever could. (My sons are 33 and 34 ….)
Good luck and have fun.

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My younger brother is 11. I showed him Python and he's doing fine learning it

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The words "mommy" and 'daddy' are words of a code. Start letting them learn to conde as soon as you start teaching them codewords.

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