Is a breadboard necessary for using a servo?

I'm doing a nerf gun sentry project at school, and I was wondering if a bread board is necessary to hook up a servo to an Arduino. My group is looking at something like this:

Thanks in advance for your help!

bread board is never necessary, just really convenient when messing around or figuring out a circuit

Sweet. Thanks for the info, man. It's quite appreciated!


Its going to help to have breadboard, you are going to need to supply separate power to the servo so will need to connect that somehow, you will also need to connect the ground wire from the servo to the separate power AND the arduino.

See the two links in my signature for what you can expect if you do not use separate power.

Duane B

or you could use wiring harnesses or direct wire it just like every RC car ever made ...

The size wire (#22?) that fits well into the arduino pin sockets also fits well in the servo pin sockets.