Is a wireless relay module possible?

Right now I have a menu system that controls an IR LED and 8 relays using an Arduino Mega 2650 and a 2.8" SeeedStudio touch screen. This is part of a home automation project that can control 8 outlets, a TV and a stereo. The menu has presets where multiple things are turning on at once and individual settings. Right now everything is hooked up and working great, however, I'd love to somehow get the touch screen separated from all the outlets, turning it into a remote control. I have a battery pack for my Mega with the screen attached in a nice enclosure (with room for some sort of wireless module). How can I use this to control the IR LED and relays? Ive looked into the Xbee modules, WiFi, and a few other things but I have no Idea where to begin and I cant really afford to buy something I don't need. This is the final step to my project and it has been driving me crazy any Ideas will help! Thanks

I think the cheapest way would be another Arduino and one BT master module (such as HC-05) for your Mega, and a BT slave module (HC-07) for the other Arduino (two master modules would work too but they cost a bit more)

With this setup you can have bi directional commuication, and both Arduinos are controllable by your PC (if you have BT on your PC of course) or Smartphone... :slight_smile:

Edit: If you have a smartphone... you could forget your 2.8" touchscreen and just buy one BT slave module

Can you show some pictures of your enclosure? I need ideas how to mount a similar display on a panel

you can also use a cheap RF module, i am using it to control 8 relays at home.

very simple and easy to use. i can provide you my sketch if you are interested


what about 2.4GHz Transceiver Low Power nRF24L01+ from very cheap and easy to use..

guix: This touch screen setup is way too cool and good looking for me to forget about, and besides, everyone uses their phones for this stuff :P. I have a bluetooth module that I can hook up to use my phone so I will be looking into that next for sure. Yes I will post pictures of the finished project when I return home this week.

DMond: I just ordered what you linked, Im assuming it communicates over serial? If not how does it send the signals? Id love to hear some more about your project, It sounds really cool 8). By using RF could I use two remotes to one receiver since there is no pairing?