Is anyone designing a sofware "Virtual Arduino"

I find that I really could use an interface with a software "Virtual Arduino" where I don't have the availability of my breadboard and actual Arduino board. The design of these things might be streamlined virtually first and easily up-loadable without having to take pictures of your projects, etc. Maybe can be done first without a virtual breadboarding capability - and simply first a virtual serial return? Disadvantages to that scenario is all the push buttons and interfaces intrinsic to the arduino capability.

I've done a few emulators and i'd be game to pitch in on a project, however, from trying to hack around with arduino and clones i can forsee a couple of problems: 1) the underlying avr hardware seems quite complex. 2) this is such a diverse community and there are so many variations and use cases that even if you emulated a duemilenova perfectly you'd have endless bug reports because it doesnt quite match some other hardware variant.

That said, two more thoughts -ok three. 1) there's a simulator built into avr studio. Perhaps that could be an underpinning. 2) if the simulator above couldn't do it, it's possible to run an atmega under pc control via debugwire. Perhaps a specially made usb dongle with an embedded avr could be a way to go. 3) imagine the advantage this could give a hardware seller!

Yes :-)

VirtualBreadboard now supports Arduino

Search for the simulator link for more information

Oh, excellent! Bill, your observations are spot-on. I'll be looking at both AVR and virtual breadboard. Thanks you 2.

Thanks for that link - VBB is great!
Does Anyone know if it can simulate an attiny2313?
Or is there asimilar system that can?

VBB is emulating the execution of the Arduino code syntax but not simulating the AVR assembly instructions. I do simulate the assembly instructions for the PICMICRO but not yet for the AVR. AVR assembly code instruction simulation is on the roadmap but will be a while