Is anyone else having issues with new xively-arduino Libraries?

Even though I am very new to Arduino and coding I realize how important libraries are when it comes to programming. I am sure some of you may know, but as of today, COSM is now Xively and have created a new set of libraries for sending and receiving data to Xively or COSM/pachube or what ever they are calling it today.

Bottom line is it seems most of the libraries don't seem to load without errors and I can't seem to get any of the sample sketches to work. Its kind of a bummer for me as I just finished a Prototype for my weather station uses most of the analog inputs on the Arduino that was and still is working but I can't use the new features of Xively without modifying the sketch and the Libraries don't seem to work.

Mainly I was just wondering if anyone else has issues with these new libraries?


Got a mail today that they changed their name (and possibly the rules wrt usage etc),

Did the interface change a lot, or is it essentially the same? I can imagine you need to re-register...?

You don't need to re-register and the feeds you had are still there in a legacy. The Graphing only shows for six hrs. and I can't see a way of changing that without doing mods to my sketches with the new libraries. But it looks like they changed the API quite a bit with new features. I just am having problems getting them to work... :frowning:

Then again it could be a problem with the nut behind the keyboard. :smiley:

Ironically I just wrote a small library a few days ago to upload multiple datastreams via csv format. It still seems to work okay but I am only getting 6 hours of graphs and the timezone is not correct. I happen to be checking my feed and noticed it changed.

I sent this email to the xively support team.

I noticed the rollout yesterday and have a few questions. I'll post
responses on the arduino forum if that's okay. There is current an open
thread regarding these issues.

  1. Graphs are cut to 6 hours instead of 30 days. Is this a bug or
    intended operation?
  2. Timezone appears to be GMT time and not timezone specific. Can I set
    the timezone of the feed as before?

Here's the response.

Subject: Legacy Feed Questions
MAY 15, 2013 | 04:01PM BST
Owen Davies replied:

  1. We have implemented a new graph system which now uses averages rather than sampled data, which we believe produces a better result. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to implement selecting durations just yet, but are working on it.

  2. This is actually a bug we are aware of and are working on a fix.

Thanks for the feed back,

Owen Davies

I am very curious about the algorithm they are using to average. I personally would rather see the raw data.

I am very curious about the algorithm they are using to average. I personally would rather see the raw data.

you can sent fake data and derive the possible algorithm from it :wink:

I also would rather see the raw data. I am glad to hear that they are going to implement selecting duration's as that was a feature I liked a lot. My major issue however, when I load the new Xlively Library the Xlively.h doesn't seem to load up correctly. My feeds are working with what I have now, but the new features seem much easier to use.

It looks as if XIvely/Cosm is coming to an end - the data is only held for a month
unless you have a very, very expensive commercial account. Generally people
who want to use it casually need a low data rate but 6-12 months of graphing
to watch trends. There doesn't seem much point if the data will only last
a month.

I hope they make it, but I really don't understand their business plan; I'd expect
them to have some sort of introductory offer, to get people using the service,
but there doesn't seem to be one.

Oh well, try and set up some sort of local server, I suppose.


yes, lacking of scalable time graphics and twitter triggering is plain stupid and somehow puzzling me, I sense that these features maybe coming exclusive in commercial plan.
is there an alternative available?

I've been using ThingSpeak with a fair amount of success. One I haven't checked out yet is Exosite. There are others but their names escape me ATM, I'm still only on the first cup of coffee this morning :.

I agree that the Xively 30 day data storage limit is a waste of effort. I too am using ThingSpeak. It only supports 8 channels at 4 updates per minute. Is there a better choice?

Is there a better choice?

don't know have you checked ? maybe there is a kit you can build your own ?

I am thinking is a better alternative. They are at the beginning of it, I am working on this project, its open source, and right now there are some tutorials on how to post data from Arduino using no libraries except the ones for the ethernet shield.

I am thinking is a better alternative.

I just hope this is not sponsored by the Romanian mafia for extracting user data. No disrespect to the site's team if they are real people but best to be careful...