Is anyone else having problems with IOT Cloud today?

As of this morning around 10am-ish(?) I can no longer connect to IOT Cloud with my laptop. It just spins. I cannot even see my dashboards using the phone app. It seems like some service is down.
I don't think it's just me. Anyone else having problems?

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Same here, so yes it's down. Can't get to my dashboards, the App doesn't work and my IoT device doesn't connect. In the Web Editor forum they're also complaining it's down. Luckily I use the local Editor....

Thanks for replying. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. Microsoft did an OS update last night, so I was wondering.

Having the same issue. Is there are server status portal? If not, maybe that could be a future update.

Darn, I was hoping this would be a good solution. But reliability is key.

It's weird how quiet this problem has been. I don't know if it's only affecting a subset of users or it indicates that very few people are using the IOT Cloud service. I agree that some sort of status should be made available. I'm not happy.

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Yeah, all of my integration automation stopped. That's how I noticed it, as timed routines didn't work. I can't even manage them locally.

Funny enough, I was trying to add code to my device that when they couldn't connect/or lost connection to the cloud would blink rapidly. Guess I can test this functionality.

Yes. You will get that opportunity. :slight_smile:

I was debugging a problem in an app through beware and it took me two hours to figure out it was the Cloud that wasn't responding.

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I forgot I only had my sketches in the Cloud, so that threw out that option.

The same thing happens here since last night. The devices cannot connect and the watchdog resets the device.

Current WiFi Firmware: 1.4.5
Connected to "XXXXX"
ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_ConnectMqttBroker could not connect to
ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_ConnectMqttBroker 1 connection attempt at tick time 31014
ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_SubscribeMqttTopics could not subscribe to /a/t/XXXXXX-ac69-48fb-a02a-5999f5581ee7/e/i
ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_SubscribeMqttTopics could not subscribe to /a/t/XXXXX-ac69-48fb-a02a-5999f5581ee7/e/i
Check your thing configuration, and press the reset button on your board.
ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_SubscribeMqttTopics MQTT client connection lost
>>> disconnected to Arduino IoT Cloud

Same thing happened to me, again... Reliability just isnt good enough. I would understand if this was Beta testing, but Im paying for this and it really isn`t worth it, if the IoT cloud is down every other week... Couple times a year would be understandable. I was making a project for my dad but now I reconsider if I should use ordinary nano instead of IoT device which is real shame cause this IoT cloud platform is really cool when it works.

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Same problem here: Android App, Website and Things not connecting to IoT Cloud. I noticed it first yesterday (June 7th) at about 19 CET.

I understand stuff happens, but is this a volunteer operation? At least a post or comment from someone from that it exists and it's been worked on or whatever!


Don't you backup.
Relying on a cloud is not the best option as many have found today.
I use a 1.5TB external HD and laptop.
If you have to, use the cloud as one of two backups, not as the storage for original content.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Yeah, I have my master code. But not all the other 'hidden' for the cloud service. My units don't work without the cloud, so either way having the code wouldn't help. Only the ability to test failed service changes I wanted to make.

But yes, always have backups to data you can't afford to loose!

FYI. Looks like the failure yesterday was due to a 3rd-party cloud service called Fastly. This took down the NY Times, CNN, some amazon sites, Twitch, Reddit among others according to a CNN Article dated today at 6:38 AM.

I doubt it, as it was occurring 12+ hours before the CDN failure that affected those websites.

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