Is anyone using Arduino manager app?

Anyone using this?

Have any stories of what you have achieved? I am interested in using it on a remotely controlled robot, using ethernet to wifi. Wondering how well it is working for you, and any problems you have encountered.

not using it

you might adjust your title to reflect your question "Is someone using the Arduino Manager App for controlling robots? Possible?"

might trigger more people ( I guess )

I purchased the app for Ipad and it seems to be easy to set up two way communication with my Arduino Mega that has an ethernet card and is connected to a router that is set up as a wireless client bridge. I'm planning to control the drive motors on my robot and relay data back to the ipad, such as distances, gps and compass readings. The robot is also equipped with an IP camera to add vision.

Anyone out there using Arduino manager?

Yes, I am using Arduino Manager with an iPad and an Ethernet shield. iPad side is all drag and drop. Sample sketch gets you going on the Arduino side quickly. It's been very reliable and easy to program for me.