Is Arduino above my possibilities?

Hello everyone,

I'm 18 and I'm studying psichology, so I have 0 knowledge on electronics, but I always liked to do stuff my myself, and also computers. Then I discovered Arduino and I've seen there's a Starter Kit.

Even so, I'm not sure if I would be able to learn something from Arduino. I mean, I want it to be challenging, but not imposible for me.

What do you think?

Thank you all for your time!

Hi lirianne29, and welcome.

You said you have done something with computers.
What is that thing you've been doing ?
Is there some kind of programming involved ?

Arduino was started to be a tool to get to know about electronics and programming.
There's a lot of people from a programming background, starting so they will learn a bit about hardware.
And there's a lot of people from an electronics background who'd want to learn about programming.
It works both ways around.
I have more of an electronics background, but have played with programming simple stuff since mid '80's.

I think it is possible to learn about both, even if your profession will be something completely different.
But there will be a steep learning curve, if you want to understand all that is involved with it.

The beauty is that there's tons of modules you can use with Arduino.
You don't have to know every detail about a module, to be able to use it and learn from it.
Once you're playing and getting (moderate) results, you will learn and have fun while doing so.
You future profession requires an analytical mind, right ?
That will probably help a lot, you have to find a way to adopt that to electronics and programming.
The curiosity you show by asking this question, is a good thing.
It will help you to find new challenges and explorations in small things.
And you need these small challenges, which aren't too hard to solve.
That will keep you interested, because you will get the results you want.
Read a lot here on the forums.
The questions and answers of other people might inspire your curiosity (it does that for me), and get you to try what was discussed here for yourself.

There's quite some examples with the IDE (the tool used to compose sketches or programs).
Those examples will hand you some working code.
No fun with that.
The fun is in altering it to see what those alterations will do.
Will they do what you expect them to do (that would be nice), or do you have to go and find out why it doesn't, and does what it does instead (and that will be fun too) ?

So i think that as long as your curiosity is still alive, you will learn and have fun at the same time.
Just don't expect yourself to build some giganormous complicated project within 2 months from now.
Start small and take baby steps, and you'll be fine.

Oh, I think I didn't explained well. What I do with computers is just some simple stuff. Not anything you guys do, just user level (but I enjoy doing it and if I have some trouble I try to solved by myself by looking information), but just because this is the first time I've thought to do something else.

I grow up in a computer environment because of my cousins, but never really learnt some cool stuff because they always thought it was too complicated for me... I also asked them about Arduino and also said it would be really difficult for me because I had to learn some programming...

I thought... they also had to learn it in the past right? There was a time where they didn't know anything about this...

Despite of this, they discouraged me too much. I was thrilled to learn a "simple" think like how to make a LED blink, or this tiny things.

So that's why I asked you, someone who really manages Arduino, if they would recommend and tell me if I would be able to achieve something, even if it's the smallest, simplest and easiest project that it exists.

Thank you again, you really help me.

The Arduino will cause great frustration but only because you are new to it. Once you get the basics of the IDE and simple programming, it will be a source of fun and sense of achievement.

The forum is here to help. There is no such thing as a dumb question as long as you have tried to get your own answers first. We will help by suggesting where to look or suggest a procedure to use. We will even give code segments.

Make sure you read the information available under the Learning tab.