Is Arduino capable of doing a real time updated PDA?

Ok, so this is my first post here. Hope I'm doing this alright, I'm not very used to it yet :grinning:.I recently made this website about table games "juegos de mesa" which literally translates to game boards. On this site I'm planning on posting game reviews every now and then. I'm currently looking at how to program a sort of "PDA" that I can bring with me and automatically updates the info I post there. I want to program It so it sort of copy the database to all these devices. No need images nor videos at all. Just the info. Is Arduino the right thing to do that? Can I manage it to synchronize with my MSQL database? I'm thinking about learning Arduino because I think I will be able to program that, am I right? Do you guys think I will be able to do that with Arduino?

Thanksss!!! :smiley:

PDA as in personal digital assistant?

So you want to have an “Arduino” device that connects to a website and downloads information from there to display on the “Arduino” PDA screen?

Yeah, what kind of connectivity do you need? Wifi? Mobile Internet? Must it be battery powered? Etc...

of course you can,
arduino can connect to the internet through wifi/LAN/simcard

but the limit is arduino can't do high speed connection

Just the info. Is Arduino the right thing to do that?

Sounds to me like a project that would be much better implemented as a program (app) on your mobile phone. It already has a screen and "keyboard" and WiFi and lots of memory and processing speed.


Thank goodness! I was afraid that PDA meant "Public Display of Affection " !