is arduino duemilanove 328 support 168 or other pin compatable ICs?

i'm a beginner to arduino,this is my first post.
is arduino duemilanove 328 support 168 or other pin compatable ICs?
how can i burn bootloader to new atmel IC atmega 168 using my arduino duemilanove 328 board .
i want to use the internal clock setting. how can i achieve it?


Am I reading right that you have a Duemilanove 328 and you want to bootload a ATmega168 bare chip to make it Arduino compatible?

If so this is possible, using the ArduinoISP sketch (one of the standard example sketches in the IDE) and following the instructions here to program the ATmega168 in a breadboard with the Arduino Duemilanove as the programmer. If it has already been set to use an external clock you'll need to have a crystal or oscillator on hand to initially bootload it, but in the process it will be set to use the internal clock so that's a one-time requirement.

According to this forum post selecting LilyPad168 as your target when you burn the bootloader will set it up using the internal oscillator at 8MHz so you won't need the external clock source after it's done. I haven't tried this and that thread ends without a happy confirmation post so I'm trusting that to be the case.

Cheers ! Geoff

thanks. is any one know how to use the internal oscillator in atmega168 in aurduino.
where from get the boot loader of atmega168 with internal oscillator for arduno deminalove 328 board.
is there any method to change the fuse stting in aurdino board.

It seems to me that strykeroz (Geoff) answered your questions. If you follow what he said, you should be up and running.

The Duemilanove with the ATmega328 can be set up to be a programmer by running the ArduinoISP sketch. Connect it to your Atmega168 according to the instructions and choose "Lillypad Arduino w/ATmega168" as your board. The Arduino IDE will then set the fuses on the ATmega168 for 8 MHz, internal oscillator and then burn the bootloader onto it.

Like was already said, if the ATmega168 was used with a crystal before, you will need to put a crystal on it to get it to do the initial load of the fuses and bootloader, but once set-up for internal oscillator, you will no longer need the crystal. If it was never used with a crystal before, it should not need one now.

Another way to reset the fuses to use the internal osciallator would be by using a high voltage, parallel mode programmer, something like a Genious 540 or similar. In that case the fuses need to be set to: