Is Arduino right for me?

I've been using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT for awhile, and robotics has been really growing on me. :slight_smile: I am currently taking a high school class (I'm home schooled) in John Hanson's NXC programming language. The language is C based, and I have been learning quite a bit about C structure. So far so good.
I have a few questions: Now that I've been introduced to C and that I'm learning C type, would Arduino be a good learning base for me to expand to/add programing knowledge in? If so, what type of board should I get? Is there a basic learning board? Is there some sort of Arduino programming introduction manual?

Pick one - do you feel like doing some building as well or do you just want one ready to go out of the box?
Most are basic learning boards. They won't do much by themselves until you hook them up to other things. Got an idea of something you want try:? Do a search on some words and see what kinds of things others ahve done along the same lines.
Do some browsing here as well

I would like to have it ready out of the box, and I'm focusing mainly on programming. I don't have anything in particular that I want to do yet because I just want to get a better feel for different types of programming rather than a specific project for now.
Thanks for the help.

I bought the starter kit and did the beginner tutorials here:
That starter kit is $65, and I still use the protoshield that comes with it

There is another pretty good kit from earthshine electronics
but it has to be delivered from europe and with the dollar conversion and shipping I think it winds up being around $80
Scroll down to the bottom of the earthshine page, there's a free eBook for beginners, though I still prefer the ladyada tutorials for getting started