Is Arduino right for my RC project?

I’m trying to build an RC controlled lawnmower. My main drive wheels will be two hoverboard motors. They have 5 wires, 3 are the hall sensor. Is there any way I can control both motors via rc input to an arduino??? If so, please help me understand the wiring setup.

Sure. Get hold of data sheets for both the motors and Hall sensors. From motor data You can start searching for motor drivers.

I am somewhat of a beginner. By data sheet are you meaning motor size, (watts, volts, etc). Can you help me understand How would I choose drivers based on this info I need to find?

Yes, Volt, Ampere and all that. Also look for the allowed duty cycle, motor running, motor at rest at different Power use.
Without that You can't get anyware. This is about a lot more than handling a torch light.
You need drivers that handles the voltage You need and very important, the current, the Amps that will be used.

You will need an Electronic Speed Controller - ESC or BLDC Brushless Driver Controller to interface your motors with the Arduino. The motor controller shoud be compatible with your motors.

For the radio control part of the project have a look at this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial