is arduino virtual keyboard plug'n'play?

hello everybody,
I saw that I can convert my arduino to a virtual keyboard( and I'd like to know if it's plug'n'play. I'm trying to build a kind of simple guitar hero(the game), so in my project there would be a sharp IR sensor and two piezos, when I approach the IR sensor or when I hit a piezo, it's recognized by arduino and it sends for example ctrl+P to the computer via USB, and it has to be plug'n' you think it's possible? After that I'll interface it with flash for the software part, but it's another problem..another future post :wink:

Define "plug and play"

As in you can just plug it in and it works as a keyboard? Yeah that's what seems to be happening in the link you gave us.

Problem is that link is very vague, in my opinion it doesn't tell the full tale.

I agree, but the link combined with the links on that page seem to be a good amount of info.

yes its plug n play, my issue is it doesnt send keystrokes like you expect it

if you press a key it sends the keystroke, and the keystop codes as you would think, but it does the exact same thing while holding down a key, in super hyper mode (ie instead of hey this key is being held and here is the normal repet it goes like you were banging a key at MHZ speeds)

so to me it was worthless for joystick control, and its barley functional as a keyboard

there is a joystick usb lib out there but its broken out of the box, and both wont compile correctly under anything but arduino 16

if you want to see the joystick lib (working) in an application check out

thanx for the responses,…
to answer to the first question:by “plug’n’play”, I meant that I could plug the arduino in any computer,…any OS without installing anything, and the virtual keyboard would work

yes its plug n play, my issue is it doesnt send keystrokes like you expect it

Make the Tim0 overflow interrupt NON-BLOCKING in wiring.c

doesnt matter what you change (and no I dont like changing core files to get a lib working) its a simple mater of you press a key down it sends both the down and the up code, so what if you want to hold a key down, you cant

or what if you hold your key down longer than what it thinks you should, it sends a billion "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"'s in a microsecond