Is AVRFreaks dead?

AVRFreaks has been offline for at least a couple of days-- in fact, has anyone been on there since the start of the month?

Forums weren’t particularly good, but the code repository has been useful… did anyone at least archive off or mirror the code sections?

If they’ve gone belly-up, I hope at least the work of some of the more creative folks got saved. I don’t see mention of it going away anywhere, except for when they had to shut it down a few times because the server was infecting site guest’s machines with trojans… but the last reference I see to that was 2009… they being used as a hacking launchpoint again, or is there something else going on?

Well I was in that site just yesterday and all seemed fine. However it does seem to be done for the moment.

Weird. Well, at least if they’ve BEEN up then they’re probably not gone for good… Google cache of the homepage from Dec 3 is empty also- maybe they are having server troubles.

In any case, that probably means they will be back up eventually- code base is safe…

“Session initialisation failed” …probably their temp directory needs expunging.

code base is safe

That’s a very dangerous assumption to make.

After HP dropped the semi-official support Compaq had been giving to the iPaq Linux project, control fell to a loose group of hackers (as opposed to “engineers”) who, like many hacker communities, were entirely focused on the new development they considered “fun”. Not long after, the archives of earlier releases of the software started disappearing from the project website. Since all my iPaqs are older models purchased off ebay, I was basically, and instantly, screwed: support for many older models had been dropped from new versions, and the memory requirements had grown such that backporting was not even possible. If I hadn’t already downloaded the code for an particular app that I hadn’t foreseen needing/wanting, and couldn’t find an online copy that someone hadn’t gotten around to purging, I was out of luck.

I’ve had similar problems with other open-source projects, partly because one of my particular interests is in “re-purposing” old hardware. People who are driven by the urge to advance the state of the art often don’t care much about keeping track of where it used to be. That’s why $DEITY gave us document control clerks: to annoy the creative folks with demands that they keep good records, so they can build something to reproduce problems when last years’ super-cool automated laundry facility suddenly starts starching the customer’s underwear :slight_smile:

CD/DVD writers and recordable media are real cheap these days. Next time you see a Microsoft commercial encouraging you to put all your goodies “in the cloud”, you should remember what happens to clouds when the sun comes up or the wind gets strong.

Seems to be up at this time.

CD/DVD writers and recordable media are real cheap these days.

Terabyte portable hard drives are dirt cheap; I’ve found myself switching to them for downloaded file backup purposes. I keep the rest of my stuff on my hard drive, and it gets backed up to my file server and/or a 3.5 inch portable SATA drive (1TB) I have. I’ve found that some of my older DVD/CD archives had more than a bit of bit rot; not sure what to do about that (not saying hard drives are less prone to failure, though). I tend to wonder how well flash media last after being written to…

But I agree with the sentiment. Humanity has this thing about throwing away information stored on or by computers; rarely is it migrated, or archived/saved in some manner, as if because it is “old” it is considered worthless. This isn’t anything new, of course…


Yes,similiar like me…No response from yesterday.


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Tried to barter or trade

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Yeah site works fine for me atm too. Seems pretty fast too. Maybe they upgraded something :-?

AVRFreaks has been offline for at least a couple of days

Server upgrade apparently.


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No longer at avrfreaks also.


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