Is Colorduino (Funduino v1.a) the right choice for this use case?

I want to create a matrix of LEDs that I can adjust the frequency of their flashes and length of them staying on. It is important that all of the LEDs in the matrix all work the same. In other words I want to be able to define the Hz as 60 for example then tune the length they are staying on each flash to adjust the brightness. The extra colors that the Funduino would provide is a bonus but not required.

It seems to me like the information on how customizable the Funduino is is kind of limited. Does anyone have some experience here that could enlighten me as to if I am going down the correct path?

Thank you for the help

The frequency of the LEDs flashing does not affect the brightness of the LED. It is the ratio of on to off time that determine the brightest of an LED.
So no you are not on the right path.

I’m not sure you understood my question. I probably didn’t explain it correctly but I need to be able to control both the frequency and on time for each flash. I understand how the brightness works. To be clear, being able to control the frequency is a requirement for this use case.

being able to control the frequency is a requirement for this use case.

This is not the way an LED matrix is normally driven.

You can drive a matrix so that you have a crude brightness control over each LED by in effect over refreshing it. So if you refresh it 16 times the normal rate you can control the brightness of each LED in 16 different steps. However doing that and having frequency control can only be achieved over a small range of frequencies. What range of frequencies do you need? It looks like by using a matrix of LEDs you are painting yourself into a corner.