is dc battery boost safe?


I have bought a minty boost from laydada which uses 2 recharchable AA batteries and outputs 5Volts

Is it safe to use it through usb to power Arduino?

Is it safe to use it through usb to power Arduino?

Not quite sure what you mean by use it "through". The USB produces 5V already so there is no point in feeding it with 5V from the USB to get 5V out.

I mean to provide power to the arduino from the batteries through the booster that has a usb output to the usb input of the arduino

I thought of it as an alternative to a 9v battery :-/

You need to specify what board. It is not a good idea to power a board from two sources at the same time. Some boards have a link that you can swap over to determine the power source, others switch when the Vin exceeds a certain level. From what I can understand your regulator supplies 5V and you would be connecting it to that. Unless you can disable the USB power feed don't use this.

Thank you for your replies

I have an arduino 2009

and i want to use it stand alone (no pc) so the only power connection will come from the battery+dc booster pack through usb...

Oh I get it, you are using the USB JUST to supply power to the Arduino not to connect to a PC. The sort of things you get for iPod charging. Yes that is fine, I have done it myself on several occasions.


thank you Grumpy Mike