Is "erase" the same as "reset" on 2560?

I've bought 2 Megas - both not uploading - trying to drive from "due prog", but can't find "erase" pin on 2560 - help

trying to drive from "due prog"

What is "due prog"?

can't find "erase" pin on 2560

There is no erase pin on the 2560. The reset pin(which is attached to the reset button only resets the microprocessor. This will cause the sketch you have uploaded to the board to start over but it will not erase the sketch. Why do you want to erase? The easiest way to clear the sketch from the Arduino is just to upload the bare minimum sketch that you get in Arduino IDE 1.5+ with File > New or on Arduino IDE 1.0.x File > Examples > 01. Basics > BareMinimum. Now this doesn't really erase the memory, it only uploads a sketch that does nothing. There are other ways to actually erase but they are more complicated so it's only worth bothering with it if you have a good reason.