Is ESP32 CAM alone capable to do real time image processing?

Hi All. I am currently working on ESP32 CAM and I am able to get the images through it. I want to process this image using OpenCV. So I tried to search on internet regarding different techniques to do it. I found out that it acts as a server and a computer is required to access it, take the images and process that data. For that, python based OpenCV codes are available. But my requirement is different. I need the image to be processed by ESP32 CAM only. I want to use Arduino IDE for that. So I may be programming in C/C++. So the question for me is : Can I use ESP32 CAM alone for real time image processing and actuating signals based on them?

Thank you.


I have a demo sketch here which shows how you can access the raw RGB data from a captured image, I think what you are asking is more advanced than this but it may be of interest? GitHub - alanesq/esp32cam-demo: esp32cam module demo / project starting point sketch using Arduino ide

You fulfill that task by outsourcing development into a hobby forum?

How professional and a real motivation to help you make money. :face_vomiting:

I did not know this is just a hobby forum. I am not making money as of now, @Whandall , but what I believe is in open source communities. The way this forum work is the correct way to share each other's knowledge. I also try to answer in the forum as well. As I am a newbie to this forum and you seem not liking me signing my questions, I do respect your thought, so I won't sign my questions anymore, but keep posting questions and answers. Is that OK with you?

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It is run by a couple of employees, but most contributions are from private volunteers,
with a wide variety of knowledge and experience.

It does shed a very unprofessional light on the linked company.
I don't like outsourcing 'professional' development into a sharing community,
unless you share the resulting product also free of cost.


But remember the Open Source promise, if you use anything Arduino, you have to supply at least object code of your proprietary stuff and a full source of any used/changed that is based on Open source, so a user can compile the code.

I agree.

Oh, I do that. Please check this :

@sterretje Thank you.

Your link leads to a fix of a connection problem you had.

I was referring to things you sell, that contain Open Source.
You 'only' have to provide everything to your customers,
that allows them to compile the firmware.
From my experience, sharing things (even with customers),
is not highly ranked on the list of the management priorities, if it is on that list at all.

By the way, I am a freelance Embedded System Engineer and I got stuck up in the above titled question where internet was unable to help me out. There are no books it seems that can help. I am not a genius like you who has all the answers, Sir ! Also, I am not entitled to disclose how I do my work, all I can guarantee is I am doing good work for all the species out there in the universe by my knowledge and I do not feel guilty to share my website here, which, if you see thoroughly, also has two Arduino projects as well, one simulation and one hardware. Please go through them so that you can find that I am a genuine Engineer, Sir ! And Please stop replying here by giving advices on topics except technical query that I have raised. Discussing such things here may spoil the reputation of both of us as well that of forum, Sir !

You can spare your sarcasm to your customers.

I regard it as unwanted advertisement, while exposing knowledge gaps,
and the inability or laziness to do basic research.

@Whandall, thank you, Sir ! I kindly request the moderators of the forum to close this question.

Questions don't get closed on this forum (OK, after 6 months they will be locked).

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For all intensive purposes the ESP32CAM is a specialty unit and does not have the resources to hold an image, a trained model, and process the image against the trained model.

I have ESP32CAM send its image to a RPi that processes the image with ML.

@Idahowalker Thank you so much for the information. It cleared my query completely.

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