Is Flicker blocking the arduino's forum?

I just tried to post some pictures on the forum. I have always used Flicker but they seem to have changed things. Now the URL is is in a different place and when you use it to post pictures they don’t show up.

Has anyone else noticed this? Anything anyone can do about it?
Any other alternative free site where we can get pictures displayed?

Images are available…

(…if you can see the puppy)

But, “Grab the link” is definately empty.

Looks like a bug in Flickr’s user interface.

Note: I used “Grab the HTML” and extracted the “img src” URL.

Yes that seems to have done it. Rather round the houses the grab the link isn’t empty but the link it gives doesn’t work any more.

Anyway this is an RFID coil I have been milling.

Mike, you’ve linked to the ‘static’ Flickr image server. I don’t think that’s guaranteed to keep on working. If you link to the photo page iteslf, using the HTML snippet that Flickr provides in the ‘view all sizes’ page (when you’re logged in), then I think that’s the version that will always work.

I just view all sizes, pick the image I want to use then Right Click and grab the image source from there.

Least you have a bit more control over the exact size of image you want to use.