Is GY-521 a variant of MPU6050?

I recently bought a cheap GY-521 gyro sensor from a local store to experiment with a quadcopter. I couldn't find any programs to test this directly, other than some links that told me to run a MPU-6050 code reading values from the I2C bus.

When I read the values from the I2C bus, I am apparently able to get Gyro, Accelero and Temp values. I used the program for MPU 6050 from here - MPU6050 gyro.

So is this just a cheap version of MPU6050?

Looks like it just uses a GY-521 breakout board, but it is in fact, MPU-6050.

Here's a video link of a person who bought the same version as mine: youtube link

Another link that shows how a GY-521 with MPU-6050 looks like : link