Is it afe to run AC wires near DC system ?


I’m working on a ambilight system for my computer screen

I would like to put a switch (E) on the side of the screen, to control my power supply (C). But it requires that AC wires run close to the main board (D), as to go from the power connector (B) to the switch and back to my power supply. I cannot mount the switch on another side.

  • Do you think this can cause problems to DVI signals or whatever?

  • And is it better to use a SPST or DPST in my case?

I tried with the wires directly from the power connector to my power supply and there was no problems.

And where there is much empty space, there will be a ESP8266 module, using Wifi, so I don’t want interferences here either :slight_smile:


You can never tell with interference how much you will get into your low power system. You will always get some but if it is enough to cause you trouble you can not calculate without knowing things about the setup that are almost impossible to calculate in advance, because there is too much to consider.

Ok, I will try prevent interferences as much as I can, using aluminum tape around the switch wires and to attach them to the metal sheet below, and put a ferrite on the wires (can be seen on the photo) so that it is placed between C and D, This could help, right? I will also add some metal barrier between C and D.

This could help, right?

It could help but I would not do anything until you have proved that you are getting disrupting interference. Screening is often touted as the answer but I have found it seldom is. Just screening alone is useless though, the screen has to be connected at one end only to a ground.