Is it bossible to control a sevo with 2 signals ??

hey guys .. I'm new here .. but I need a little help from experts! :D

I need to balance a servo motor with the ADXL345 Accelerometer where it needs to take the value of the Accelerometer and always point up .. just like this pic:

at the same time .. I want to control the same servo with RC transmitter/Receiver .. so .. when the arm of the potentiometer is left in the middle the servo should read the Accelerometer value and balance itself .. and as soon as I move the stick the servo should read the potentiometer value and move according to that value.

I hope the idea is clear. please any suggestions on how to do that ?? I already know how to pull data from the Accelerometer and from the Transmitter .. I just can't figure a way on how to control the servo with 2 values.


You need code that determines when the RC input is in "neutral" so to speak - if so it reads the accelerometer, otherwise the RC value is used. pulseIn() can read the RC servo signal and the Servo library can drive the actual servo. You choose a range of pulse widths that you take to mean zero-throttle from the RC channel and compare against them.