Is it fried?

I recently came back from a trip during which I had my arduino 2009 in a box w/ some bubble wrap. I just plugged in the thing into my computer and it only blinks rx/tx a few times, then the power light stays on, but when i upload basic things like blink led, it does nothing, not even an rx/tx flicker…

no settings were changed in the ide, so i dont think is something like a bad setting selected… did i burn the board/chip or is it something im overlooking?

//EDIT: ok, I tried burning a bootloader and the IDE just freezes (i waited like 15 minutes)… the arduino just had tx lit up when i did this

Was it pink bubble wrap? If not, it was not static dissipative and you may have just been carrying your board around in a little ESD generator due to the friction between the bubble wrap and your board.

That’s my best guess.

ouch, that sux… it was not pink bubblewrap

oh and does this mean i should get a new board altogether or just swap out the atmega chip?

I would give replacing the chip a try, you can get a programmed one for $5.

Was it pink bubble wrap?

While pink bubble wrap is always anti static, I have had some clear bubble wrap recently (from China) that is also anti static as well. It surprised me as well.

so then wats my most cost efficient way out of this then mike?

I would try replacing the ATMEL chip first, that is the most likely thing to suffer from static as it has lots of unconnected pins brought out to connectors. Once a chip is connected up to something else it is much less likely to be damaged by static.

If it is not the processor chip then the practically the only other one is the USB chip and that’s a bit more tricky to replace as you might be better off going for a new board.

While i might be completely off on this, i recently had a similar scare, with similar symptoms , and in the end it turned out for whatever reason the serial port speed settings had changed : i just had to change it again in the preferences file (see Arduino Preferences)…might be something else though