Is it helpful to report spam threads?

Is it helpful to the moderators for me to report spam threads? Previously I would always take the time to immediately report them but I started noticing that the mods here are super good at deleting the threads right away(thanks!), often before I even got the chance to report it. I realized I might actually be unintentionally spamming the mods by unnecessarily reporting these threads. So I switched to only reporting spam comments on legitimate threads, which could easily go unnoticed.

So I'd be interested to hear input from any of the mods on the best way for me to help them with the endless job of trying to keep the forum free of spam.

I don’t think it does any harm to maybe confirm their thoughts and maybe catch ones they might have missed.
Although like you i think they pretty much catch everything.

I'm happy to have all spam reported to the moderators.
We don't read all of the boards all of the time, so having extra sets of eyes helps everyone.

Just don't respond to the spam is all I ask.

Thanks for the response. I will resume reporting every spam thread I see. I hate the feeling of helplessness to do anything about spammers I feel. I've never had any interest in "hacking" by the definition of the word as understood by the general public but I sure wish I had the skills to be able to track down these scum and mess with them.

I'm good with it too. Most are gone before I ever see them, but they do make it thru occasionally.