Is It Just Me?

[rant] I find reading the posts here is often rather tedious and frustrating, as it sometimes seems literally half the posts in any given thread are multiple people repeatedly telling the OP to "Post your code, ALL of your code", or "use code tags" or "Read How To Use This Forum". I would sure like to see a simple protocol adopted by all here:

When a post is made that does not follow the rules - i.e. - ALL code is posted in code tags, actual error messages are copy/pasted rather than paraphrased (invariably leaving out all of the important information), etc. - ONE PERSON makes a post explaining that unless and until the rules are complied with, the poster will get no help. Everyone else should ignore the thread, and NOT respond further until the OP makes a proper post.

Of course, half the posts on all forums world-wide could be eliminated completely if there were a thread explaining how to use Google....


Regards, Ray L.

Cool! I didn't even know we had rant tags! :)

I like your idea and I've probably made several hundred posts telling posters to read Nick's posts at the top of the Forum. Alas, even after telling them, they still don't use code tags. Perhaps the moderator can write a "canned post" saying post according to the guidelines or I will pull it. I think that would be better than ignoring the it, as the OP will just think no one has an answer.



@moderator: Please move this off-topic thread to the appropriate forum.

In the meantime I would like to make the suggestion that everyone ignore the thread.


I’ve got to the point where if they haven’t followed forum etiquette, or they obviously have done no research whatsoever, I just ignore the thread and let it sink.

@jboyton. Touché. Har har har. :-)


I do agree with Ray. I'm not sure how you get everyone to do it though.

jboyton: I do agree with Ray. I'm not sure how you get everyone to do it though.

Nick has previously mentioned to the forum admins that new posters should be forced to read the how-to threads before allowing them to submit their first post (read and tick a box). Which would give no one an excuse. Or maybe some signup terms and conditions, before registration.

Its a good idea, however we'd need the threads in multiple languages (or auto translated) to be really effective (even in Programming Questions).

Maybe one day the admins will have some spare time to implement something like this.

econjack: Cool! I didn't even know we had rant tags! :)

It's the icon right next to the one that turns on the sarcasm font.