Is it neccessary to flash firmware in esp module before use

Hi, Curretly i am using Esp-01 wifi module and unable to connect to the wifi in esp-01 and but i am able to flash the program but not able to find the wifi generated by this esp-01, and neither i am able to get any AT command, i am able to upload to upload the blink program but led is not blinking.The connection that i have made is as:

ESP-01 Arduino uno

Tx -----------------> Tx
Rx ----------------->Rx
vcc -----------------> 3.3v(by uno board pin)
EN ----------------->3.3v
Gpio 0--------------> Gnd
Rst -----------------> open
Gpio2---------------> open

the blink code that i am writing is taken from examples.

One more question i want to ask is, is it neccessary to flash the firmware to the ESP8266 before uploading our program in it, as we does in ATmega 328P ic , first we upload the bootloader and after which program is able to get uploaded.

Kindly help me , i am trying to find the solution since last 6-7 days but no where i am getting the solution.
And what is CP2102 driver is it neccessary to download it to make communication between wifi module , uno board and my laptop, as i have already installed arduino ide and driver for esp8266.

That's serial. Tx goes to Rx and Rx goes to Tx

Welcome to your kind reply, i would like to inform you i have also done that but it is not working in am not getting the AT command reply and also not able to discover the wifi generated by esp-01

By my read, you have the strapping pins (gpio0 and gpio2) set wrong.

To boot from flash (to run the AT firmware which we hope is already installed there), both should be pulled up at boot.

If you then discover that the AT firmware is not present, you would need to put it into flash mode by pulling up gpio2 and pulling down gpio0. It looks like gpio0 and gpio2 are pulled up internally, so you can just leave them disconnected?

DrAzzy, I did the followed your suggestion but it is still not working , multiple times i have checked the connection everything is looking perfect but the issue is that Neither AT command is coming nor i am able to discover the wifi generated by esp-01. I have also updated the firmware, Updated AT command firmware too. But nothing is working.