Is it necessary to power a motor via an encoder?

So I'm trying to attach a 2-channel hall effect encoder to an existing 12V DC motor. The motor is controlled via a driver and an Arduino Uno, power is currently supplied through wires directly from the motor's pins going to the board.

The encoder has the standard 6 pins, including V+ and V- which if I've understood correctly, is to be connected to the driver board and will send Voltage back to the motor. This is going to mean rewiring the whole setup, so would it be possible to connect the other 4 pins (VCC, GND, 2 channels) to the board and not connect the power pins? Or will I have to prepare to remake the circuit?

Please post a wiring diagram and links to motor, encoder and driver.

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Can you please post links to data/specs of your motor, encoder, motor driver and a circuit diagram.

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Please always provide full information about every piece of hardware you mention in a question - a datasheet or link to the product page for instance - if we don't know precisely what you have, we are not in a position to give any definite answers.

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