Is it ok to use multiple USB ports as a power supply?

I have a bunch of growth lights that need about 200mA each, so in total they'll be drawing more than 1 USB port can handle. Do I risk damaging components by using a few USB breakouts and putting their 5V and GND parallel, the way you would with batteries? The ports are all on the same dock, which runs off 110V AC.

I just want to make sure there is no similar effect like with parallel LEDs and a shared resistor - it works on paper only because you assume the LEDs are identical.

Thanks in advance.

Never parallel powersupplies is my basic statement. Most of them will not handle this well.
Get a powersupply that handles that current. There are powerbanks supplying 3 Amps or more.

Understood. I found a decent 3A one for a couple bucks.