Is it possible nrf24l01 - one receiver/server and multiple transmitters/clients

Hi all.
Please help me with some information and maybe if you have some example or library for next issues.
I want to make an arduino mega 2560 or uno with one nrf24l01 to receive dates in the same time from multiple arduino nano with same nrf24l01.
It is possible this thing?
If I put a wz5100 Ethernet shield on ardino mega 2560 or uno can it work with nrf24l01 in the same time?
Many thanks in advance to all.

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Tao, did you get your nrf24l01 radio working at the same time with the ethernet shield?
I've been trying to do this but with no success so far.

sorry for the late answer
i don't make it works
maybe some libraries or pins overwrite