Is it possible to apply SSL to Arduino MEGA?

-1 down vote favorite I want to use ssl from Aduino Mega 2560

The connection method is as follows

PC as server, Adunomega 2560 is client

At this time, Arduino Mega 2560 and PC want to implement secure communication over SSL

I have seen wolfssl, polarssl and so on to apply SSL to Adunomega 2560 but did not know how to apply it and could not use it

Please let me know if you have ssl open source available for Adunomega 2560

Or wolfssl, tell me how to apply polarssl to the Adunome 2560

Or how to implement ssl on the Adunomega 2560

Below are the devices I want to use

Server: Windows PC Client: Arduino Mega 2560 Network: - Arduino: Wireless communication with WiFi101 Shield

I confirmed that the wifi101 shield supports ssl

And what I want is that wifi101 shield is used only for internet connection and actually ssl wants to work on arduino mega 2560

In other words, if you use a wifi module other than wifi101 shield or you use Ethernet, you want to know how the ssl function works regardless

Thank you for your help

I want to use ssl from Aduino Mega 2560

Get over it.

The Mega can't do SSL. Not enough memory.