Is it possible to code a continuous Servo and a standard Servo together?

I am currently working on a project for one of my classes. My classmates have tried to use both continuous and standard servos together but it didn't work. I looked on the forums but it seems that there were no attempts to this issue.

It is perfectly doable.
servo.write() does not know or care if the servo is continuous or not.
When you write an angle to a standard servo, it moves to that angle and stays there forever or your next write.
When you write an angle to a continuous servo, it starts spinning and spins forever or your next write.

This can be done with many servos of mixed standard/continuous nature.

Code works fine for any combination of continuous and standard servos. You just need to be aware that the same write() makes the different types do something very different. A "continuous servo" isn't really a servo, it has no feedback, it's just a geared motor with a built-in driver.

But it's quite common to make something like a car with a couple of continuous servos to drive the wheels and a standard servo for the steering.