IS it possible to connect an arduino to mysql ?

hello , i'm using an arduino uno and i would like to know if it is possible to connect my arduino to a mysql database ? i would like to save the data i get from the arduino to mysql database ? thank you

There is a library that allows the Arduino with ethernet shield to talk directly to a MySQL database.

But, the more usual way is to create PHP script that talk to the database, and call those scripts from an Arduino-as-client sketch when the Arduino has an ethernet shield.

how can i call the php scripts from the arduino ?

Try this fancy web service

That 3rd link on the list looks like it might be a gold mine.

If you just want to connect the Arduino to the PC over the USB connection you could write a PC program in Python to listen for the Arduino data and save it to the database. This Python demo could be used as a starting point. There is a simple Python library called PeeWee that is worth considering.