Is it possible to connect two communication modules to one arduino?

I'm kind of a noob. I've previously made projects by connecting one Bluetooth module to an Arduino. Is it possible to connect both an RF module and a Bluetooth module to the same Arduino? Cuz there's only one pair of Rx and Tx pins.

What I'm trying to do: I'm trying to build a control system for a wireless-project. I'm writing an android app, to send data via bluetooth to an Arduino nearby. And resend that data from the arduino over RF to another arduino on my project. This is the cheapest way I could find to communicate from my phone to my project while having a decent range. Any advice or suggestions for my idea? Also please answer the main question( if it's possible to connect to modules)

I don't know what kind of RF module you are talking about, but if it is a serial device, the SoftSerial-library will probably help you.

lg, couka

You might consider nRF24L01+ transceivers. They are cheap and work very well. And they use SPI to communicate withe the Arduino.

...R Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial