Is it possible to convert I2C GPS navigation module to an arduino?

Hello, I have this old I2C GPS nav module laying around and I noticed that it's just a mega328p chip. I'm short of ardiunos at the moment because they're all being used and I was wondering if there is a way to convert this into an arduino that I can program using an FTDI programer. I hooked up my FTDI programmer to the board and tried to upload a sketch from arduino, but it didn't work.

Would I need to flash the arduino bootloader to the mega328 chip before I can start uploading sketches through FTDI?

I'm also curious because this board is a lot smaller than the pro mini even though it is missing pinouts for some of the pins on the chip.

Here's a picture of what it looks like:

That device clearly looks arduino compatible.

Put an FTDI header and ISP header onto it, and you should be able to bootload it as an Uno via ISP, then upload to it normally via FTDI header.

But as you've correctly observed, many of the pins are not broken out; you might be able to solder little wires onto them, but that's tricky.

You do know that pro mini clones are dirt cheap on ebay, right?

Oh cool, thanks a lot! I'm actually looking for something a bit smaller than the pro mini. The microduino looks nice and it's only $8, but let me know If you know of any others that are cheaper.

Might as well use it if you have it - the price for that thing itself is hideous; at least three times that of a Pro Mini!