Is it possible to create traces for a D-Pad on a PCB?

Hello everyone, I don't know proper terminology for these, so bear with me - I've tried to search...

You know remote controls, video game controllers, phones, etc - they all use rubber button pads that sit right on the PCB and close the circuit when pressed? What i am wondering - is that possible to create on a home-etched PCB?

I was dreaming of reusing a NES controller as a case and using the D-Pad with a homemade PCB that would replace the original NES controller PCB. (the other button holes would be drilled out to make room for a LCD module.)


It would need a fine point etch-resist pen and a steady hand if using that method. shouldn't be difficult if using transfer method with printer.

There would be an issue with oxidation if leaving the traces bare copper - tinning and careful cleaning would cure that.

This might help