Is it possible to de-library code?

As in, to use a library to build code (MIDILibrary), then once you're done, have the viewable code converted into regular Arduino code.

I'm trying to build a simple footswitch to MIDI controller which I'd want to write up walkthrough/guide for, and it would be much easier for non-coders to copy/paste/upload to their Arduino's without having to download and install a library.

There’s nothing magic about a library. All the same stuff could be done in the sketch.

On the other hand, downloading and installing a library is not rocket science. It takes only a minute or two, and putting it in the right place isn’t that hard.

What causes all the grief reported on the forum is the vague instructions with some libraries that say “download and unzip in the right place” without defining what the right place is.

Having stuff in a library that isn’t directly accessible reduces the chances for a non-technically savvy person to screw things up, too.

The main thing is that I'm trying to go a direction where a regular layperson can do it. As it is, something like "buy an arduino and upload this code to it" is pretty intimidating, without adding in "download and install this software library".

Using the library is just to make it easier for me to make it, but I'd want the 'deliverable' product to be as simple as possible.

I should mention that I wouldn't be selling anything. Just provide a guide so people can do what I did. (Adding some MIDI functionality to a guitar processor).

I think that you are making a flawed assumption.

You want people to buy an Arduino, and maybe some other components, and wire them up. You want them to download and install the Arduino IDE, and download your sketch. You want them to select the correct board and com port, and upload the hex file to the Arduino. And, yet, you don't want them to have to download and install a library.

Your target audience is smart enough to learn to play the guitar, to find your product, to install the IDE and configure it, to compile and upload the sketch, but not smart enough to install a library.

Well, OK, I guess that's possible.

Good luck in your endeavors. I hope you succeed. I just think you might need to rethink this just a tiny bit.

When it you put that way, that does make sense.