Is it possible to do multiple bootloaders chips at one time?

Hello i was wondering if it is possible to upload a bootloader to multiple 328p chips at one time? Or would there might be a problem doing so?

You need a gang programmer. Industry grade kit.


Programming the bootloader is usually fast enough that the time needed to do multiple chips is dominated by attaching the wires or inserting chips, which is about the same whether your programmer does one at a time (time T for connecting) or many at a time (N*T for connecting.)

If you set up something like OptiLoader (or Nick's or Limor's enhancements thereof), you can program a bootloader really quickly: OptiLoader - YouTube

My bootloader programmer at Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Atmega bootloader programmer will program a bootloader in one second. It would take you longer than that to remove the chip and install another one.


Unfortunately, theYoutube link appears to be broken.
If you have a/the "working link" somewhere, I'd be interested to watch the video.
Otherwise, no worries.

Cheers, -dan

Url fixed...

thank you all for the information it help me a lot to understand what i can do.