Is it possible to drive 3.5 inch RPi Display with arduino mega?

hi, i would like to drivve the 3.5inch Rpi display (touch) that is usually used with raspberry pi. is it possible? i havn’t found anything on web that explain how to do it… help me pleaseee

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It looks like you have the same display that I have. My display has an ILI9486 controller.

So your display may work with my library ZxTFT.
Download as ZIP-file and add with Library Manager method Add ZIP-file.
It doesn't support touch, you would need to add touch through a separate library.
You could also use GxTFT, but this library is more complicated to use.

Caution: I see that I used it with Arduino Due. You may need to use level converters or series resistors or resistor voltage dividers with Arduino MEGA.