Is it possible to find the DB with a grove sound sensor?

Hi everyone, i'm looking for finding the db value with a grove sound sensor with the value of analog read

  float volt = sensorValue * (5.0 / 1023.0);

is for finding the value of analog read in volt

Use this formula to convert voltages to decibels: 20 * Log (Vout / Vin) = dB

I need to know if Can give me the result in DB by working out with those formula

thank you.

If you are wanting to measure the decibels of sound, you need to calculate that logarithmic ratio using the sound pressure waves, not voltage.

If your entire process from sound to microphone to amplifier to ADC to voltage reading is proportional and linear, then you can use the voltage as a proxy for the actual sound level.

But then, you will need some method of calibrating the results of your device against some recognised standard, to be at all useful.

I want to convert Analog read values to Decibels from microphone(sound detector) ??? Please i need to know.