is it possible to get a keyboard input and pass it to a PC running win 7 or 8

i was wondering if there was someway for an arduino (Due) to receive the key commands from a USB keyboard and pass them through to a PC.

i want to be able to have specific key combinations activate different pins on the Arduino, but i'm not sure how... i believe it's possible.

to break it down:

i want to plug a USB keyboard into my Due and read the incoming data

then i want the arduino to check for specific key combinations ( Capslock on + A ) or(A+F)

and have the arduino toggle a pin.

i know a decent amount about arduinos, but i have just gotten into the whole USB host/client thing

and if it's not possible by plugin it how to connect it through the pins and to be identified ??

appreciate you support and help

Hola hola123,

Arduino DUE has USB host behavior (native USB port). The IDE has a library and example to read a USB keyboard. I am not sure if the library handle the functions you need but it could help you to start. File->Example->USBHost->KeyboradController.

You also shall need a OTG cable to connect the keyboard with the DUE. You can also share what exactly you are pursuing or an example of your application.

Regards, Palliser

hello Palliser,

:) i would like to thank you for replying for my post.

i already have OTG cable and the example "Example->USBHost->KeyboradController." requires to use the pins in the Arduino DUE.

i want to use the USBkeyboard instead. my nature of work i reply on a lot of mails and i do alot of copy,past action. my wish to be able do thise function with a hit with my usb keyboard.

apparently when i connect the keyboard to DUE in (native usb or programing port) and connect DUE in the other port , nothing happened i don't get the needed results. i cannot do the both at the same time.

so how can i do it, to connect the usb keyboard to DUE and to be indemnified and connect the DUE to PC and get the keyboard inputs to be passed to pc