is it possible to get signal from lcd thermometer to arduino?

is it possible to get signal from cheap thermocouple lcd thermometer to arduino?
like this...? or something else...?

It is not possible unless TM-902C has ttl/uart interface, and it does not.

I think one solution is use K-Thermocouple to-Digital Converter, then feed into Arduino.


I do belive i'll have to use a chip to control it.

I was looking at ebay and found this one

Which is actually this

What do you think? will it work?

MAX6675 is K-Thermocouple to-Digital Converter (0°C to +1024°C)
Yours is Filled Nylon Range -29 to 220°C, as long as you do not care -29 to 0°C range. It will be fine.

Use MAX31855 if u need support negative temperature.
MAX31855 : -200 °C to +700 °C

Probably you have found the solution since 2013 but check this one out - WiFi Oven Thermometer – Bart Slinger