Is it possible to have CAN and SPI running on one Arduino UNO?

I'm making this project to validate the messages a vehicle's subsystems messages are being sent and received as expected but sometimes I'm going to need to test SPI, sometimes I2C, sometimes UART and... sometimes CAN. I know I can put SPI, I2C and UART together but CAN(MCP2515 module) uses the same pins as SPI and I'm not sure about how can I deal with this problem...

The MCP2515 module:

Arduino ports:

Your MCP2515 module uses SPI for communication.
Multiple devices can share an SPI bus, however only one device can be active at a time. This is controlled via the 'slave select' SS , (or 'chip select' CS) line for each device.

Connect SS/-pin (DPin-10) of UNO to SPI device-1.
Connect DPin-9 of UNO to CS-pin of CAN Module.

DPin-10 DPin-9 Selection
LOW HIGH SPI device-1

Awesome! Thank you a lot for the help, I'll proceed to testing next monday. I have another question... I've been reading the files regarding the mcp_can library and I haven't been able to understand the parameters very well, maybe someone knows how to explain the parameters for this function:

CAN.sendMsgBuf(txID,1, 5, var);

What the use of the second parameter? I haven't been able to figure out what that 1 is doing there. Thanks again and I hope someone can help me again.

This information should be in the .h file in the library you are using. It probably sets the standard or extended addressing mode.