Is it possible to have SD shield and Pinout output/input on same lines

Hi, stupid question but is it possible, to have adafruit SD shield (RV3) and I2c output/input extender on same line. I would like to have PCF8575 I2C 16-Bit Digital Input Output Expander full of input values that are getting logged into a SD card.
I would be using Arduino Uno for that project if possible.
Thanks for in advance.

Communication with SD is done using SPI. So there should not be a problem with I2C.

For more information, I suggest that you post a link to the shield.

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Thanks for reply
SD shield: Shield link
I2C extender: I2c extender

Shield link fully: Shield Overview | Adafruit Data Logger Shield | Adafruit Learning System

I2c link fully:

I don't see problems. The RTC on the shield and the port expander will share the I2C bus, but the bus is designed for that so that's OK.

There will not be interference with the SPI.

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Thank you for checking it for me.

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