Is it possible to have two different voids acting as a loop

I think you mean "in the object source".

Object code is what you end up with after the compiler and linked have done their stuff.

in the object's source code may be :slight_smile:

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Are you saying that Serial.print() is a function? How is this different from a method? I often refer to w3schools for learning about C++ and they use the term "method" for functions in a class.

I'm saying print() is a member function of the HardwareSerial class. A method per se does not exist in C++, it's general language used when discussing OOP.

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From what you say, you can create OOPrograms using C++ and when discussing OOP you can refer to functions as methods

Is that correct ?

Yes (if they are in a class otherwise they are just functions, not methods). But I think that's not the point.

In common language you could refer to them as method or functions or member functions but you would not say it's a size_t method, right? --> you don't use the return type as part of the denomination

So, if

is true, then it is correct to say that C++ has methods, if anyone really cares :grinning:

What it definitely doesn't have is voids

in common language I'm fine with this. If you look at the standard then it's not a term they use (which was AWOL's point if I understood correctly)

seems a discussion for the bar

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Unless he's referring to object in the object-oriented, class objects way.