Is it possible to implement..?

Hi everybody,
This is my entry for the contest "Create the Future". Just visit this link below and post your feed back and suggestions about this project. Hope it will help me in the implementation process.

It does look like it could have some real uses but do you have anything beyond the sketches uploaded there? Have you started looking at components to determine the ultimate size of the not or is that outside of what the contest is looking for?

Not sure if English is native for you or not but your description of what it is and how it works is really wordy and vague. You're relying heavily on gps signals- what happens if it can't get a signal? How do you manage object collision avoidance?

I don't want to sound critical but these are the questions I had as I was reading it and I'm sure others have had as well. I do work with uavs and quadcopters at my work and we've had to turn down several customers because they needed us to get them into areas where we couldn't guarantee bringing them back (very confined spaces where people can't go, lots of puppies and catwalks, etc). If this not is meant for things like spelunking or disaster search and rescue, this is the 3d most important thing you need to handle after making sure it flies reliably in general and your mapping system.