Is it possible to install support for RFduino manually?

RFduino got bought by Heptagon who got bought by AMS Group... who promptly took the RFduino site offline, breaking all the links. Including the board support URL for the Arduino environment.

The RFduino GitHub repository is still online though. Is there any way I can manually install support for RFduino into my Arduino environment without the board manager .json?

They used github releases to host the packages, so literally all that's missing is the .json....

If you could score an old copy of it, you could rehost it somewhere to make it work, though I'd worry about the releases vanishing too

Waybackmachine has the file:

(note - you can't just use that URL, because it doesn't serve the raw page from that point in time, but rather a webpage with navigation tools at the top)

I published a fixed up version of the RFduino Boards Manager index file here:

You can just use the URL above as a replacement for the original RFduino URL.

The changes I made from the one DrAzzy found on the Wayback Machine:
Change the platform archive download location to use the files hosted on the RFduino GitHub repository's Releases page.
Update filename, checksum, and size of those files to match the files hosted on GitHub.
Remove the "" part of the tools URLs added by the Wayback Machine, since those files are not actually hosted by The tools files will now be downloaded from Arduino's servers, just the same as they were with the original RFduino JSON file.

I would recommend that you check in on RFduino from time to time to see if they have restored their copy of the files. The reason is that they might start development on the RFduino hardware package again, but if you're using my URL you would not have access to any new releases of the package they might make.

Oh pert you're a dead-set legend! Thank you for doing this!

You’re welcome. I’m glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!