Is it possible to load a program from an SD Card?

Hey everyone, new to the forums and new to arduinos. Have a few projects lined up that I've been looking into as thoroughly as I could (before deciding how to work my way up), and have a few questions about going about the first one (or if/how it can be done).

The general idea is for a game system, just with an LCD screen and buttons. I've seen the pinned post about running multiple sketches, and the extent of gaming potential I've found seems to be in the arduboy and gamerbuino software. I've also seen the possibility of having multiple games on one piece of hardware is out of the realm of possibility due to the memory limits. But my questions are... would it be possible to use an sd card reader to hold the games and have the arduino read them somehow? If not, could a digispark be used with the sd card reader to reflash the system/upload a different game (as I know the arduboy and makerbuino need to do)?

And lastly, if either of these things are possible, would it be possible to program a simple os to boot into and manage this?

As of right now the coding escapes me (and I'm waiting on a breadboard and the screen before I can even get started), so just trying to get my feet wet and start moving in the direction I was thinking so I can sketch out the details conceptually first, at least.

Also, figure I should add I'm using an uno.


I don't know the answer but I suspect you will get a more effective response if you edit your Original Post and change your title to something that reflects what you need help with. For example "Is it possible to load a program from an SD Card?"


Will do, thanks!

If you use several Arduinos this could be done.
One Arduino to program the second.

Crossroads has an Arduino programmer that could read sketches from the SD card, then program an Arduino that runs the game sketch.



Thanks! So essentially, I could use the 'run multiple sketches' to program the buttons, LCD, and game libraries, and whatever communicates to the device (like some sort of basic 'os' to load or play a game), then use something like a digispark (which I only say cuz I also ordered one of those) to access the sd slot and program the arduino? Just so I'm clear on what route I should take.