Is it possible to make a simple 120volt AC hourmeter?

I'm totally new to Arduino so I need a rundown of what I need to buy and what the code needs to be. I'm not stupid to the point of not looking around online I found this: and this but it just seems wayyy too confusing. But at least it does have the right idea. I just want an hourmeter or multiple hourmeters connected to a wi-fi interface for monitoring/counting those pesky new 50,000+hour LED lightbulbs...

Yes I currently have 120volt AC electromechanical meters but they continuously work, meaning if the light is turned off the meter is still clicking away! A way of getting around this for some lights is to solder a wire between the constant feed of 120volts and the spring activated switch. Carefully making sure the spring still works to activate the switch. This does work but it isn't exactly safe to have a wire hanging out. Maybe some insulating Plasti-Dip-(liquid rubber) would help.

Also if you happen to suggest a non-Arduino way of doing this that is okay too.

Your electromechanical meter should work when properly connected (data/wiring sheet?).

If you are interested only in the on-time, not power consumption, the approach is quite simple. You only have to watch whether a voltage is applied to the consumer(s), and sum up the on time.