Is it possible to make a Z-Wave controller/ gateway with Arduino?

Hi guys.

Have searched the forum and found som old post about Z-wave.

So gonna ask again and se if some one did made some progress with z-wave controller with Arduino.
Or if some one can point in the right direction if it would be possible..

The thing i would like in the end, is an easy z-wave controller that i can send UDP commands to
to control and read out feedback from z-wave nodes.
Instead of all those systems thats out there with messy http API's thats not a beautiful and easy way
to control it from an external controller.

I just wants to be able to send eg. a string like. “SET FDRLVL 25 \ 75 \ 0A” for setting a fader level value for unit nr 25 at 75% were the % value is the changing variable for the intensity. and just make it do an echo of the values or me sending an request for values, so i can use that for show what state the button/dimmer or whatever is in. :slight_smile:

"SET BTNPWR 25 \ 1 \ 0A” for setting power on button unit 25 to 1=ON, 2 = OFF

Just a short idea how it could be done more simple in the end.

Google "z-wave arduino"

Z-Uno is what you want: