Is it possible to make car stereo with arduino?

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Forgive me for if I'm not posted on the right category and also for my English.

I was thinking about to make a car stereo using arduino. The reason for that I saw many car stereo but I didn't found my type of stereo. There are some stereos onon market but those stereo prices are high.

The short answer is no, you cannot make a car stereo with an Arduino.

Just aside,
If you value your time at $20 an hour, and the design/build takes 200 hours...
Then add the component cost.
Your “off the shelf” system starts to look a bit better.

Or, is it possible to make a media player using arduino?

Google will help
"arduino media player" LINK

I guess to answer your question more accurately, perhaps more encouragingly, it might be appropriate to ask a few questions. Specifically, do you want your creation to have all of the same features as a car stereo? Because playing CDs and digital media is going to be very tricky. I didn't say impossible. That's not really a word we should even use anymore in my opinion.

If you want to make a car stereo using an Arduino, go ahead and do it, but pace yourself because it's going to take a very long time to get everything right. Perhaps the best approach would be to break this up into several smaller projects and work on each of those to a completed prototype. You will learn a whole wealth of new things and will improve your skills considerably. Some of the information you will need is going to be difficult to find, some other things you will just have to figure out on your own. The internet is your best resource for a big project like this.

I'll give you the first piece, this is something I have been wanting to build for a while also, but I have several other projects to put on my work bench first. I've been trying to get through two or three small projects a week, now that I have enough spare parts in my home lab to keep me building.

This project is going to be fun as long as you don't get discouraged. It's an Arduino controlled FM receiver.

Linked externally from Arduino tea5767 fm radio receiver.

This uses a TEA5767 FM receiver. You can get these as cheap as $4.50 USD and a Nokia5110 LCD display, but you can certainly use different displays if you want. Maybe a 16x2 would be more suited to the car stereo form factor. Anyway, I found the Nokia display for $3.72 on Amazon. All of the parts can be gotten pretty easily and cheaply online, a little more if you want faster shipping of course.

This is where I would start. Once you get that working, you can start the feature creep. Add programmable station buttons, maybe a seek function. Add in a good stereo audio amplifier. You may find that you need some signal filtration to block unwanted RF interference but that's just a guess.

There are other tutorials around for playing MP3s using Arduino, watch out for the ones that require you to use proprietary hardware or shields. They will probably work, but aren't going to fit into your finished design so don't get comfortable with them. Connecting the Arduino to a vehicle's power source is also going to require at the very least, some good power regulation, so you may find at some point that you're designing a DC/DC power supply to drive the stereo and resulting audio amplifier.

Is it possible? Heck yeah it is. Start building!

Is it possible? Heck yeah it is. Start building!

It is also possible to build a car stereo without using an Arduino and it may be both simpler and have better quality sound.

Just because you can does not mean that you should :slight_smile:

And, wouldn't a RaspberryPi make a much better platform as it already has good quality sound built in. You could program it in Python and probably have the basic system working in a day or two.


I never said that Arduino is the best platform for a media device like this, it certainly isn't. But we don't know why the OP wants to build a car stereo around this hardware. If nothing else, it will be a learning experience, and I for one love building impractical things. To be honest with you, I'm considering building something like this too, just because I can.

You could definitely get a lot further using a raspberry pi because it's a single board computer whereas the arduino is a micro controller.

I think so projects are worthwhile in Arduino and some not . If the OP wants the technical learning exercise then that’s fine - I would go that route and in the first post it looked like he just wanted a cheap stereo, in which case he could just buy some form of 12v amp and an MP3 player for a good quick result , a second hand car stereo may still be cheaper , as long as he realises that, then go for it .

Right, as long as he realizes that this is going to take a long time, a lot of learning, and a lot of money then go ahead. But it sounded from the OP like he wanted something cheap and quick.

but I didn't found my type of stereo.

This might be a good place to start...
What do you need that isn’t available off the shelf?
While there probably is a unit that does what you want, like all things in life - you need to trade off between cost, quality/reliability and ‘how soon do i get to use it’ !

These will NEVER satisfy you, so be prepared to compromise - or give your day job and some serious money.

But it sounded from the OP like he wanted something cheap and quick.

That was also my interpretation.